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Ramapo Lodge #485 Knights of Pythias
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                        ZIONIST Lodge Brother Speaks about Israel


At our opening March meeting, 25 year member, Henry Hank Heitner was our guest speaker.

Not a stranger to our lodge, but unable to attend meetings because of his Friday evening bus driving job. Hank spoke directly to a crowded lodge of regular attendees.


Hank and Gayle spend their retirement shuttling between the State of Israel and their home in Rockland. In the late 1970s they purchased a small home in Israel and have seen many changes and witnessed its value of their home increase over ten fold.


His area has not been affected by or damaged by terrorists, and compared the demolished Israeli terror stricken areas to poor slum areas of Brooklyn or the Bronx. He doesnt go into riot prone areas.

Hank did explain in detail, how a new anti-terror safety device would prevent public bus terrorist attacks.


A revolving door piece of equipment would be installed in the front of its bus located on its first step. A detection device would set-off an alarm simultaneously sealing off the section where the suicide bomber had entered When the bomb explodes it would be restricted to a small fire proof -protected area and eject the terrorist.


 Hank was well versed, answered all questions and spoke plainly and from the hip. He discussed the wall, drugs, the black market, immigration, and the influx of one million Russians over the years. The main languages is now Hebrew and Russian,

America has been a big supporter of Israel and its democratic principles by supplying planes, tanks and equipment to the tune of 3 billion annually.

Thanks to Hank the evening went quite well.

PC Stan Drecher


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