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Ramapo Lodge #485 Knights of Pythias
Scheduled Activities
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The following activities are being scheduled. See below for more information and at the bottom of this page for a complete list of all the scheduled events of Ramapo Lodge and other lodges in the 72nd District.

Click below for the Deputy and Grand Lodge Schedules:

Deputy Scheduled Activities for all Districts

Grand Lodge Scheduled Activities

Activities scheduled Around the 72nd District:





Activities scheduled are:






Apr 8th 2005


8:00 PM

Homecoming for ACDGC Al Aboulafia at Wendell Willkie’s Castle Hall at 69 Main St., Tuckahoe, NY (OPEN MEETING)

Apr 10th 2005


2:00 PM

Deputy Dinner for DGC Stephen Herbst (Location TBA)


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