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Ramapo Lodge #485 Knights of Pythias
Bulletin Board
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The Gavel Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about our brothers, and also to let our brothers communicate with each other.


Racquetball - Join us at 8:30PM to 9:45PM for doubles; play every (or any) Thursday at the Ramapo Athletic Training Center at 267 Cherry Lane in Tallman, NY. Cost is only $6.00 each night. Call Harold Heller at 845-357-5842 for details.



"The Knights of the Roundtable" by PC Sid Pinker

Yes, I'm a SENIOR CITIZEN and I think I am having the time of my life!
Now if I could only remember who said this...

Classified Ads

We might post classified ads from our members in this area.

Cemetery Committee Update


Annually the General Fund of our lodge contributes $7.00 per member (formerly earmarked for FHS) to our benevolent fund. 


These monies help us maintain expenses, provide funds needed and sustain reserves.  Since perpetual care has already been arranged for, our financial requirements have been lessened, and only $5.00 was asked for.


Within four years we expect that the transfer of funds shall be reduced or eliminated completely.


If needed, we hope to be in a position to purchase additional graves at a non-sectarian cemetery for those brothers who do not qualify for burial in our Pythian Cemetery.

                                                                        Benevolent Committee

                                                                         PC Stan Drescher