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Ramapo Lodge #485 Knights of Pythias
Lodge Photo Album
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Here are some pictures from our Last Meeting


Deputy Visitation


Stan Drescher introducing the DGC Stephen Herbst


Stanley Dresher introducing the Chief Ron Klare


DGC Stephen Herbst


DGC Stephen Herbst


Outter Guard David Miller

Ramapo Lodge Photo Album

Ramapo Lodge Meetings

April 18 2004 District deputy Shelly Heitman's Dinner

April 30 2004 Iwana's Dinner Party

May 1 2004 Grand Chancellor's Dinner at Russo's

May 5 2004 Alan Reiman's Homecoming

May 6 2004 Pacemaker Appreciation Dinner

May 7 2004 Ramapo Award Night

May 21 2004 Regular Convention