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Ramapo Lodge #485 Knights of Pythias
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PACDGC Gabe Freshwater


My Pythian career 1968-2004 - A friend and fellow worker asked me to join this beautiful Order. I joined Samaritan lodge in Brooklyn that is now part of Harmony Lodge in 1968. Moving to Rockland County I transferred to Ramapo Lodge in 1970. I volunteered on the colation committee a number of years and helped my lodge when I was able. Every year after making breakfast for the lodge with brother Henry Heitner I would deliver food baskets for the needy on holidays.


Working various shifts in transportation it was hard to be an officer; however soon after I retired I served as an officer and became chancellor commander in 1996. It was that year that I visited a lodge in the district that a member of the Grand Counsel approached me and asked if it was at all possible that I should be his Deputy and it did work out. That year was the best year of my Pythian career. Another member of the counsel to be his Assistant-To-The-Chief in 2001 approached me.


The incoming grand chancellor approached me to be one of his aides. He asked me a question. Why should his year be different than other years in the Past. I am proud to serve on two grand lodge committees - the Humanitarian Fund and the Diabities Committee. I support these committees and other committees. I believe in what this order is about (Friendship, Charity, Benevolence).


The first time I was chancellor commander the grand lodge camp weekend and my honor weekend were on the same weekend in the same hotel. Three grand lodge officers spoke at my honor night and returned to their honor night. I was so impressed and that gave me the initiative to go further in this order. Also to get involved in other organizations and at times I lead two out of 5 organizations that I am involved with. My belief is it is better to give than to receive. I didn't join this order for burial or go to a function on the lodge treasury. The Happy Bucks collected go to the scholarship fund. It is always a pleasure to donate a buck or two. Yet I miss our brother Gene Gugig. Another name it was known, as was Gugig Bucks. Another way of supporting scholarship is the scholarship cards and the raffles for the weekend. I also belong to New City / Orangetown Lodge #854 and Wendell Willkie #473 and the Pythian Sisters - Joan of Arc temple. I met many friends through out this order that also work hard and they remain friends for life. When it comes to the Pythians this organization supercede all other organization that I am involved with.


 I am also a member of Congregation Sons of Israel of Spring Valley and I am on the ritual committee. This past December I was selected by the synagogue to be honored at Jewish Life Night at the Town of Ramapo. I am on the condolence committee and Sunshine committee. Also participate in the preparation of the Gavel bulletin. Currently as chancellor commander of Ramapo Lodge for the second time I run the meetings and activities, also the Ramapo District Representative and I am a Life member of Ramapo Lodge. I am always there when I am needed and asked for help.



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